Advertising photographer in Macon, GA

Advertisements with “ho-hum” photos usually get “ho-hum” results!

     Impressive Images Photography uses several visual imaging tools (still photography, 360 degree panoramas, slideshow videos) to make sure your advertisements have IMPACT and motivate the viewers to ACT!


Learn more:  5 reasons EVERY business needs professional photos.


      The attention grabbing photos that I create for you will be useful on websites, brochures, print
or digital advertising, even billboards!


     Consider this:  Your use of professional photography in YOUR advertising will . . .

  • CAPTURE ATTENTION:  Of all the elements of modern marketing (video, audio and text) nothing attracts attention quicker than photographs.
  • SHARE INFO INSTANTLY:  A well crafted photograph is worth far more than “a thousand words” when describing your product or service.
  • INCREASED ENGAGEMENT: Professional quality photographs in your advertisements pack a punch and encourage the viewer to ACT!
  • PROJECT A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE of your business.  The quality of your advertising reflects back on the perceived reputation of your business!


Call Jim Barber (478-737-2244) for your NEXT advertising campaign.

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