Facility photographer near Macon, GA

Would it benefit your business if potential customers knew more about what they would see when they come to visit?


     You’ve probably spent a great deal of time and MONEY to make your business attractive and inviting for your customers.  The decor, furnishings, lighting and spaciousness of your facility all contribute to creating a setting that enhances the customer experience.  Whether your business is a car dealership, restaurant, hotel lobby, funeral home, etc., the visual presentation of your facility will entice new customers to come visit!


Here’s some advice from the Small Business Admin:     6 benefits of using professional photography in your small business.


     I use a combination of still photography, 360 panoramas and video slideshows to give viewers an inside look at your facility.

Event photographer near Macon, GA


It’s tempting to ask one of your employees to “grab some photos” at your next
company event; but SHOULD you?

     So, your company is planning a special event.  This is going to be expensive:  decorations, venue rental, catering, travel arrangements for guest speakers, etc.  How do you want to document these festivities?  Hiring a professional event photographer offers many advantages!


Take a look at this article:    4 reasons to hire an event photographer


     1)  A professional photography team can serve multiple functions at your event:  document the festivities AND set up a headshot station for your executives, for example.

     2)  A professional will bring an assortment of lenses giving a different “feel” to the photos.  There is nothing more boring than seeing an entire event captured through nothing more than a 50mm lens.

     3)   The delivered photos will be retouched (removal of distracting elements, noise reduction, tonal and color corrections) and ready for your immediate use.



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Commercial photography project near Forsyth, GA

Latest commercial photography project by commercial photographer Jim Barber

Jim Barber is a commercial photographer in Forsyth, GA and was contracted to do photography for a dam repair construction project.


     Recently, Underwater Construction Corporation called me about a construction project that they were doing in a nearby state park.  They were hired to repair piping and valves at McIntosh dam.  As they were finishing up the project they contracted me to photograph the equipment and crew at work on this project.  The crew was very hospitable and accommodating.  The weather couldn’t have been any better for a shoot like this.

Here are some of the resulting photos:




Best Photographer in Monroe County, GA

Best Photographer Award goes to Jim Barber

Jim Barber, a professional commercial and family photographer, has been recognized as the Best Photographer in Monroe County, GA

Monroe County’s local newspaper has an annual “Best of …” competition among local businesses each year.  This is my second time winning this award.  I’ve been busy in the local market doing real estate photography for local realtors and doing family portraits as the featured photographer for Idle Hour magazine.  I am so pleased to be recognized in this manner.


Best photographer 2017