High Dynamic Range Photography


High Dynamic Range Photography in Macon

A new technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is becoming a popular way to get more of the tonal range of a scene into one photograph.  One of the limitations of photography is that camera sensors can not record as much information as the eyes can see.  Your eyes can "see"  15 shades of gray;  digital camera sensors can "see" 9 shades of gray; and saving that info into a jpeg file format only "sees" 5 shades of gray.  So picture files end up displaying only one/third of the tonal range of any scene.  


HDR photography


In this case, the technique called for 4 different exposures of the scene. As you can see, exposure (A) is just right for the lamps and window but the room is too dark,  In exposure (B), the carpet and shadow areas are just right but the room is too bright.  By combining the properly exposed sections of all 4 exposures we create image (C) which shows a more realistic tonal range of the room.

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