Facility photographer near Macon, GA

Would it benefit your business if potential customers knew more about what they would see when they come to visit?


     You’ve probably spent a great deal of time and MONEY to make your business attractive and inviting for your customers.  The decor, furnishings, lighting and spaciousness of your facility all contribute to creating a setting that enhances the customer experience.  Whether your business is a car dealership, restaurant, hotel lobby, funeral home, etc., the visual presentation of your facility will entice new customers to come visit!


Here’s some advice from the Small Business Admin:     6 benefits of using professional photography in your small business.


     I use a combination of still photography, 360 panoramas and video slideshows to give viewers an inside look at your facility.

Headshot photographer near Macon, GA

Headshot photographer, Jim Barber, is located near Macon, GA

Commercial Photographer is highlighting his Headshot photography services.


Headshot photography is available near Macon, GA


Jim Barber is a professional headshot photographer located in Forsyth, near Macon, Ga.  This week we’re highlighting our headshot photography services.  As the card says, potential clients will often times see your online presence before meeting you in person.  Research shows that the two most important qualities that people are attracted to are PROFESSIONALISM and APPROACHABILITY.  If you online portrait conveys those two qualities, you greatly increase your chances that the viewer will follow up for more information about you, your business, your product.

With 20 years of photographic experience, Jim will definitely help you look your best in front of the camera.  As an added convenience, he will create your portrait at your business.

       So, what’s the difference between a headshot and an executive portrait?

Headshot: a head and shoulders portrait created against a background using studio lighting.

Executive Portrait:  is a full length (or 3/4 length) environmental portrait using studio lighting within the working environment (office,  inside                                                    facility holding an award, outside facility showing signage, etc)


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